Shipping & Returns


We accept no returns unless customer has purchased the comfort exchange option with their mattress. The Comfort Exchange option only covers comfort and will be returned as store credit and not a full refund.

-Delivery will be charged for the comfort exchange option. 

-All sheets are sold AS IS. Because we get them slightly off-dyed we cannot guarantee that the product will match the picture. Most of them will be very similar to picture.  



We are a locally owned company located in Farmington, New Mexico. Because of this our delivery/shipping is limited.

All of our innerspring mattresses are limited to the four corners area. Price will vary on distance from store location. 

Our memory foam mattress may be shipped outside of the Four Corners area. All shipping for that is free. 

We are able to ship out sheets, protectors, pillows and other such bedding products. The shipping on those is also free.